Top Reasons Why Dark Circles Form

It is definite that people always consider a general reason why a certain phenomena happen. Even in terms of health issues, people do not even look over the specific facts, which could be considered also correct. Most of the time, they only mull over what they know, which is why correct action is not even applied for faster problem solving. In actuality, when it comes to health and physical conditions, you have to regard various options, hypotheses, as well as specifications not only made by experts, but also by other people.

For instance, in a petty condition, such as dark circles, people always consider lack of sleep the reason for the formation of such. However, you need to be reminded that there are also other reasons why the circles form under the eyes. It is probable that you may also be suffering from it yet you are anxious why you cannot get rid of it. The answer could be simple—you are not using the right treatment after all. This is driven by the fact that you haven’t got the right cause or root of your dark circle formation.

In order to help you with this, consider the various reasons for your dark circle formation:

Seasonal Allergies

Do you know that allergies could also cause your eyes to build up dark circles due to the water building up in our eyes? Since the skin that surrounds the eyes is the thinnest, it is the most affected part when it comes to the fluid’s ins and outs.


You may be having dark circles for a long time and you just noticed it by now. In that case, you may just have inherited the thin skin or fair skin under your eyes from your parents. Due to this thin skin, you would be prone to slower circulation of blood whenever you lack sleep.

Morning-After Puffiness

At times, the dark circles under your eyes could be temporary. There are instances wherein the food you ate last night has caused the dark circles. For instance, you ate a salty food before your bedtime. On the other hand, you just cried a lot last night, which caused your eyes to hold more salt concentration due to tears.


Aging could also affect the formation of dark circles under your eyes. This is due to the fact that your skin thins and also loses collagen over time. This would cause your eye veins to show more discernible. As experts say, in order to avoid this, you must avoid too much exposure from the sun, which would promote the breaking down of collagen.

The above reasons would already give you ideas on how you could prevent dark circles under your eyes. In that case, you could just resort to prevention, especially if the reason of your dark circle formation has not even caused permanent shadows under your eyes. In contrary, you would already have a clear idea of how to treat your dark circles.

Wrinkle: Top 5 Natural Remedies For Your Aging Skin

There is no doubt that at times, people tend to disregard the appearance of their face due to lack of time and hectic working schedules. However, you could not just settle on what you earn or on what you do. As much as possible, you also give importance to how you look when you present yourself, either at work or whenever you are with your family. Keep in mind that treasuring your appearance would give you better confidence to people, especially when you socialize and interact with them. This is basically true in this material world where your looks are primarily important.

If you are already on your late 20s or 30s and you think changes are already rising with your facial appearance, you need to check whether aging has already subdued your youthful looks. Remember, you still have the key to slow down the process of aging, yet you could not stop it. But in fact, you have a choice. In that case, while it is early, you should make a move and retain your youthful glow as possible.

Basically, you are not required to inject Botox or even pay for face lifts. You could simply consider natural treatments for wrinkles first. To give you top 5 wrinkle reduction techniques, here are the following:

Olive Oil

This is the considered best home remedy for your wrinkles. This could guarantee the smooth and flawless skin. Relatively, olive oil is composed of anti-aging and antioxidant agents that would ensure your moisturized skin. In addition to this, application of olive oil would be very easy. You could simply massage it on your skin and leave it overnight or longer.


Massaging your skin would help you concentrate on your wrinkled areas. You could use any lotion and massage your face for a few minutes. Make sure to focus on your forehead, under your eyes, and your neck.

Rose Water

This would be a good replacement for your witch hazel moisturizer. This is a milder skin toner and would be an effective astringent. This could be applied after you have washed and dried your face. There is only a small amount of rose water required for this. You could let the application stay long as you want.

Lemon Juice

You could prepare the application mixture by simply slicing a lemon and massaging its juice into your face’s fine lines and wrinkles. The juice’s acidity is said to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make the skin glow.

Aloe Vera Gel

This could be simply applied to your skin and be left overnight until it dries. It would be helpful in keeping your skin nourished as well as moisturized.

The top five natural treatments for your wrinkles could be used in conjunction with other treatment. But be sure to find best results from the treatments since these could not just give you revitalized skin, but also safety from large compensation and treatment side effects. However, make sure to be patient for results since progress could vary.

Side Effects Of Human Growth Hormone

There are different results that could arise whenever you alter the production of hormones in your body, either you do it purposely or not. You have got to remember that everything about change in your system would result in a particular change as well. For instance, you tend to promote the production of cortisol accidentally, which is a stress hormone, you could certainly find yourself less effective when it comes to management of your mood swings. In that example, you could already see that a change could cause positive or negative effects to your body.

There are various hormones that you could consider very important when it comes to your normal condition. However, not all people tend to maintain a normal production of their hormones since they adopt different lifestyle habits, which affect their internal functions. Moreover, some are not even aware of which hormones are to be given attention or not. One of the most talked about hormones today is HGH or the human growth hormone. Many people disregarded this type of hormone due to the belief that this is not as vital compared to other hormones.

However, as the advantages of HGH became known, there are also studies that proved HGH could also carry side effects. To give you a few, here are the following:

  • Retention of Fluids

In actuality, this is a primary side effect of HGH. Once the HGH has been injected into a person, there would be a leaner body mass for the patient. However, how this happens is not known or in other words, the mechanisms behind it are not precise. In addition to this, studies have shown that people who have been injected with HGH had increase in insulin production, which causes the retention of fluids in up to 80%.

  • Increase in Pain and Disease Risks

There are various side effects that could definitely affect person’s normal functioning. One could undergo pain in their nerves, joints, as well as muscles. On the other hand, swelling of the body tissues or the edema could also happen. In addition to this, the development of tumors of cancer and diabetes to people could possibly be triggered.

  • Shut Down of Natural HGH Production

The injection of HGH could alter the natural mechanism of producing the human growth hormone. In other words, it is possible that the person’s natural production might be replaced with the clinical injections of HGH, which the body could adapt with. It is driven by the fact that the prescription for you might be stronger than usual. In addition to this, the amount of HGH could be more than what your body is normally producing.

There are supplements that are said to be with HGH, which could help you avoid the side effects. However, no matter how you look at it, everything would still result in side effects since the benefits clearly specify HGH side effects as well. For instance, it is said that HGH could give you benefits for overall health when injected. However, the injection of the hormone could change the normal production of HGH in your body.